Membership Terms and Conditions DBKK – Blocs & Walls

(Revised January 1st 2019)

1. Membership
Membership is personal and cannot be used by other than the member.

Any misuse of membership/card may cause expulsion from the climbing center. To be able to establish the identity,
a photo of the member will be attached to the member profile data.  Any changes in the personal data such as
name, address, e-mail, phone number, bank account information etc. must be reported to Blocs & Walls.
It is the member's sole responsibility that Blocs & Walls has the correct information on the membership.

  • 1b. Child membership (age 0 to 10)
    Children aged 0-10 can climb for a discounted price with a CHILD membership until the day they turn 11.
    After this the membership to Blocs and Walls must be upgraded to a JUNIOR membership.
  • 1c. Junior membership (age 11 to 17)
    People aged 11-17 years can train for a discounted price with a JUNIOR membership.
    After this the membership to Blocs and Walls must be upgraded to adult membership.

2. Membership card
If you lose or damage your membership card, you must immediately report this to Blocs & Walls,

which then will create and issue a new membership card at the price kr. 50.

3. Medical conditions and injuries
All training is at your own risk. All firsttimers should consult a training supervisor before your first training session.

Moreover, any member is responsible for his or her own state of health that permits participation in any activity in the climbing center.
Blocs & Walls will not be responsible for any personal injury as a result of accidents.

4. Duration
Our memberships are ongoing and continue until terminated.

A membership can be cancelled at any time by writing an email to with a cancellation period of current month + 1 month.
However, if you have a 12-months membership, this will automatically expire as the 12 month-period ends; in this case,
a new membership will then be offered in accordance with the current standard price.
Please note that a membership has to be active when we cancelled it. This means that membership can not be terminated when it is put on hold.

5. Valuables
Blocs & Walls recommends that all valuables are stored in our lockers in the changing rooms, during training. 

Blocs & Walls does not take any responsibility for loss due to theft or damage.

6. Conduct
The currently prevailing order regulations and instructions provided by Blocs & Walls staff should always be followed.

Any violation of these regulations will result in expulsion from the climbing center. 

7. Suspension of membership
Membership can be suspended once every 6 months; for a maximum duration of 6 months.

In order to do so, one must write an email to no later than 16 days before the start of the suspension period.
There is a payment fee for suspending a membership 100 dk. Please note that we also need a date for reactivation the membership.
If you want to reactive before this date you must send a mail to

8. Change of membership conditions
Blocs & Walls can change the membership conditions with a notice of 45 days.

Major changes in membership terms and conditions will be announced to all members via our e-mail newsletter and on the website.
All members are always subject to the latest version of the membership terms and conditions which can be found on the homepage.

9. Public/private event
If you wish to hold an event please contact Blocs &Walls for further information.

Send an email to

10. Who have the right to instruct in Blocs& Walls
Do not teach each other to ensure the toprob or the first man climbing in the hall.

Only DBKK' instructors are allowed to teach doing courses held by DBKK in Blocs & Walls.

11. Security card
You must have your green or red security in the harness when climbing in the hall.

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