K2: Føringskursus

On this course you will further develop what you learned on the Top Rope Course. We recommend that you have some experience from top rope climbing. It is a prerequisite to have completed a Top Rope Course before taking a Lead Climbing Course.

On the Lead Climbing Course, the course participant will learn how to lead a route, and to belay a climber who lead’s a route. This type of rope climbing requires a lot of attention and respect for the safety, because there will be situations where potential falls can happen. These situations requires the necessary understanding of the correct belay techniques.

Leading means that the climber is securing (clipping) the rope in the slings (quickdraws) on the way up the climbing wall, in other words, the climber is “leading” the route. The rope is going from the belayer and directly to the climber’s harness, until the climber clips the rope in the quickdraws on the wall. It means, that the last quickdraw that the rope is secured to, is going to be the fixation that will take a potential fall. The climber will have to move a bit over the last clipped quickdraw, before the next one can be clipped, which means there is a risk of a longer fall, and much more intensity than top rope climbing.


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