Rules of conduct and safety standards

Rules of conduct and safety standards in DBKK - Blocs & Walls

  1. Only persons who have been belay-checked by DBKK staff or hold a DBKK belay-card and are able to belay toprope, belay a lead climber and/or lead climb at Blocs & Walls. It’s important the belay-card is visible at all time
  2. You will be asked to show a belay certificate from Danish Climbing Association or equivalent before having a belay check
  3. Personal climbing equipment must be commercially manufactured and approved by UIAA standards
  4. Please follow instructions from the DBKK staff
  5. Please don’t stay on the madrassas under the boulders when you are not climbing
  6. DBKK personal reserves the right to ask climbers for a security check or take another belaying course if behavior expose themselves or others to danger
  7. DBKK staff reserves the right to expel guests from the facilities if their behavior risk putting themselves or others in danger
  8. Walkways and fire exits must be held clear and fire doors may not be opened
  9. Please immediately report any loose holds, padding issues, damaged hardware or other safety hazards to DBKK staff
  10. All accidents and/or equipment damage must immediately be reported to DBKK staff
  11. All jackets, shoes and large backpacks must be stored in the wardrobe
  12. Children under the age of 15, who are not members of DBKK, must not climb in Blocs & Walls on their own
  13. Only DBKK’s instructors may teach/instruct belay technique and only allowed on courses set up by DBKK
  14. It is not possible for external persons to facilitate activities in Blocs & Walls without an agreement on this from Blocs & Walls administration. This also includes members of DBKK
  15. Large groups must contact Blocs & Walls administrations before visit
  16. DBKK staff reserves the right to reject large groups if an agreement hasn’t been made beforehand with Blocs & Walls administration
  17. Climbing shoes must be worn when climbing
  18. Special climbing activity and special skills training can only be done by prior arrangement with Blocs & Walls administration
  19. Do not be influenced by alcohol or drugs while climbing
  20. Smoking is not allowed inside the facility or near an entry
  21. Animals are not allowed inside the facilities
  22. Please minimize the use of loose chalk
  23. As a DBKK member you can bring up to 4 friends/family members. If you have Blocs & Walls green or red belay-card you can belay them on toprope

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